Herban Solutions
Plants are vital to our heathful well-beaing.

Monarchs are in Houston again!
Are you looking for eggs, caterpillars or host plants
for your classroom, demonstration or just to watch and release?
We have them!
Call for information:  (713)665-6137

If you want butterflies in your garden you need host plants as well as nector plants.
These products are great for home-school and classroom science lessons.

Coming soon:
Information pages on attracting these beautiful creatures to your yard.
These pages will also have information on protecting and raising butterflies.
Integrative Medicine

Classes, Seminars & Consulting
Integrative medicine recognizes and values all the many paths to wellness and healing.
The goal is to tailor body-mind-spirit practices, including allopathic (western) & complemenarty medicine modalities to improve healing, wellness and vitality outcomes.
We seek to promote this modern approach to wellness and medicine.  While we highlight the use and value of plants, plant products and gardening as part of wellness programs, we do not neglect physical practices such as Tai Chi, energy work and massage; the spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation; or psychological alternatives such as astrological consulting..
For information or to contract a speaking engagement please call:  (713)665-6137.

In the works:
Pages that include brief reviews of recent scientific research.
Descriptions of "green medicine" modalities from aromatherapy to nutrition.
Ultimately, we will have an expanded version of this information in a newletter format.
Scouts Leaders, Homeschoolers, Parents & Teachers:
We teach plant, ecological and natual sciences to children.
We have prepared individual programs and courses which you can choose from,
we can customize a program specific to your children's needs.
Habitat Notes:

Garden talks, seminars & landscape consulting:
We see your outdoor space as habitat and believe in gardening with purpose. 
Our favorite topics are urban harvest, xerophytic landscape, container-scapes,
butterfly gardens, and herb & aromatic gardens.
We can also answer your landscape questions with creative and unique ideas.
Please give us a call with your questions.  (713)665-6137.
Party On!
Children's plant, gardening & life science theme parties and play dates:
Themes:  Pot o' Color,  Get Fruity,  Sweet Sunshine,   Flutter by my Butterfly,
Ladybug Ladybug
Kid's Programs:
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